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Patriotic Concert 2018 - Camille & Haley (Video)






Patriotic Concert 2018 - Camille & Haley

Jun 14, 2020

Camille & Haley

Flag Day doubles as President Trump's birthday and since Father's Day was right around the corner, we combined it all and had a great time singing at the Town Village retirement center in Tulsa where we've been regular entertainment for Holidays. It's really a special time to get to sing to the older generation and we share a lot of love for the same era's of music. Generally we do a mixture of songs from Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Willie Nelson, Frank Sinatra, hymns, old crooner toons, and originals, but this was specifically a Patriotic gig, and this was one of our funnest performances. It was also nice to surprise dad with some Father's Day songs with our song he hadn't heard in a long time, "Rocky Road." We also surprised him with Dan Fogelberg's "Leader of the Band" as dad gave us both our start in music by teaching me guitar and celebrating our musical gifts and discovering how good of a singer Haley was at 13, then calling all the family to hear her sing over the phone. Good times.

Hope you enjoy this concert! We plan to do a lot more patriotic concerts!

Thank you!
Camille & Haley

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