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Super Kids Triathlon


Sunday, September 9, 2018
Granite Beach, Folsom Lake SRA

The 2018 Super Kids Triathlon is back at Granite Beach, Folsom Lake and is a great costume race for boys and girls! Athletes dressing as their favorite super hero will be eligible for special prizes.


Super Kids Triathlon 10 and under: Swim 50 meters, Bike 3 miles, Run 1 mile
Super Kids Triathlon 11 and over: Swim 150 meters Bike 3 miles, Run 1 mile

Start Times:

Super Kids Triathlon: 7:30 am

Swim Courses

The swim course will be a 50 meter swim or 150 meter swim along the shoreline, completely monitored by safety kayakers and lifeguards.

Bike Course

The bike course will be a four-mile course on the roads inside the park at Granite Beach, Folsom Lake. The course will be closed to traffic and monitored for safety. The Bike course will not have an aid station. Water and electrolyte beverage, along with energy gels will be available in the transition area. View 2018 bike course

Run Course

The run course will be a one-mile course around sections of the lake on grass and trails. There will be an aid station at the start and half way on the run course. ALL athletes must wear their race number on the front of their body during the run and have it when crossing the finish line. View 2018 run course

Transition Area

The Transition area for the Super Kids Triathlon will be contained within the transition area for the Super Hero Triathlon with athletes from both races sharing portions of the transition area. We ask parents after helping their kids set-up transition to please exit the transition area. All non-athletes must remain outside of the transition area at all times during the race. Bodymarking will be take place at the entrance to the transition area and must be completed before you enter the transition area. Athletes will have their race number marked on their legs and arms and have their age division on their calf. Glass or bottles are not allowed in the transition area.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will be located in the transition area and on the run course, serving cold water and Electrolyte beverage.


Expected water temperature for Folsom Lake will be 70-74 degrees. Wetsuits are optional. Swim fins and snorkels are not allowed. Helmets must be worn and buckled on the bike at all times. Run numbers must be worn on the run and when crossing the finish line. Listening devices of any kind: MP3, IPod, headphones, etc are not allowed.

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