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Why Liberty Mutual



Slobodyany Insurance Agency
5301 Madison Ave., Suite # 204, Sacramento, CA, 95841
Tel: 916 970 3707

* Strongest brand among a carrier that will issue a direct appointment. We advertise more than any other carrier not considered a captive company or a call center (State Farm or Geico as an example). This brings a lot of awareness and creditability to YOUR agency.

* Our home rates are very competitive and our auto is prices at market. We do well on auto against our peers.

* Our claims department is one of the best in the business and we always strive to make the customer happy before the bottom line.

* Field underwriting authority as an agent.



* Honest.

* Strong market rate compensation.

* Higher commissions than industry standards, especially on a book rolls.

* Well over a decade experience in insurance industry running the agency.


* Agent/agency/sub-producer who holds Safeco direct appointment would not qualify.


To your success, Slobodyany Insurance Agency Celebrating 12 years of serving community strong

“If you don’t like our service tell us, but if you do - tell everyone”

5301 Madison Ave., Suite # 204, Sacramento, CA, 95841

Tel: 916 970 3707

CA Ins.
Lic. # 0F50867, 0F60090

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